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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

The two priority

The two priority conservation cores and corridors we identified are highlighted in orange. These are areas that have high ecological value but are not currently protected with conservation measures. The three purple areas are restoration cores and corridors. These are areas that would benefit from increased forestal connectivity. CONSERVATION PRIORITY #1- SOUTHWESTERN CORE The first is the “southwestern core,” an area that is proximate to the Chester F. Phelps Wildlife Management Area. By extending the boundary of this core, we are increasing the types of wildlife it supports and preventing invasive and edge species from penetrating it. This could also provide more opportunities for residents of southern Fauquier to recreate; there are fewer public trails and recreational sites in this part of the county. As shown by the maps below, preserving this area would extend high value habitat cores further into the southern portion of the county. Southern Fauquier County has fewer conservation easements and agri/forestal districts to protect the county's southern forests. 25

CONSERVATION PRIORITY #2- SOUTHERN CORRIDOR The “Southern Corridor” will link the “Southwestern Core” (see Conservation Priority #1) to the Quantico Marine Corps Base. Southern Fauquier’s valuable forest resources are vulnerable to growth and development. Unfortunately, there is no way for the corridor to cross the county without being bisected by Highway 17 and several other main roads. We recommend that the county guide the corridor through existing or future highway underpasses to support wildlife migration at these intersections. 26

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