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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Conclusion The previous

Conclusion The previous examples have demonstrated how cores and corridors can be prioritized according to local social and environmental conditions. This approach considers contributing factors in a way that a least cost path analysis cannot. Fortunately, the county has GIS data related to most of these conditions that can provide useful information about these decision-making criteria. 29

APPENDIX G: CONSERVATION TOOLS RESOURCE Restoring and conserving the valuable lands of Fauquier County will require a number of tools. Some of these are policy-based, while others emphasize educational strategies. Conserving all of the priority lands will be a long process, and some areas simply may not be feasible to preserve. A partnership between the county and land trust organizations to promote conservation practices will be mutually beneficial. The conservation tools listed below can help to effectively conserve and/or restore these lands, but are most effective when practiced concurrently. • Mapping- Mapping all of the county’s assets can identify which areas are in need of ecosystems services (recreational opportunities, improved economies, cleaner air, cleaner water, wildlife habitat, etc.). Fauquier County has already compiled this data and is using it to make informed decisions about resource conservation. Map products are helpful visualization tools to inform landowners about their individual role in larger trends of land conservation, preservation of rural character, and public health, among other things. • Landowner Outreach- Education is a crucial component of conserving Fauquier County forests. Agriculture and other land uses are more profitable than timber harvesting or preservation. Because of this, the county will need to make a strong argument for the public benefits that forests provide in addition to financial benefits of timber harvesting or preservation. Dividing this effort with land trust organizations will increase the likelihood that Fauquier County achieves its conservation goals. • Easements- Conservation easements are agreements through which a landowner is compensated for voluntarily giving up development rights. Easements are held in perpetuity and are therefore the most effective way to conserve land. There are many land trust organizations that hold land in Fauquier County. These include the Piedmont Environmental Council, the Virginia Outdoor Foundation and the Land Trust of Virginia. Fauquier County GIS Data indicates that there are 1,358 conservation easements in the county (including those created by the Purchase of Development Rights program). Though Fauquier landowners hold many conservation easements, they are primarily located in the northern part of the county and are not forested. Fauquier County and land trust organizations should work together to encourage landowners to reforest these areas, and to create new easements on forested lands not currently in easements. • Agri/Forestal Districts- Agricultural and Forestal districts, or Agri/Forestal districts, provide incentives to landowners who voluntarily participate in the locally-administered program. Landowners receive tax breaks in return for agreeing to retain their property as a forestal or agricultural use from four to ten years. If they change their land use practices before this period ends, their tax cuts for prior years are revoked. According to GIS data from Fauquier County, there are 33 agri/forestal districts in Fauquier County, preserving 95,028 acres (148.5 square miles) of land. This is equal to around 22% of the county’s land resources. Agri/Forestal districts are an excellent way to encourage preservation of forestry and agricultural uses. However, the short-term nature of their existence makes their long-term efficacy less certain. Conservation easements are the only way to guarantee that valuable lands persist beyond market trends and development pressures. • Overlay Districts- Fauquier County has established a Conservation Easement Incentive Overlay District to “preserve agricultural resources, historic resources, open space and parks, and 30

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