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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

grant funded program be

grant funded program be implemented by a board, committee or working group representing agriculture and/or forestry interests in the locality. The competitive grant program allows individual localities to apply for up to $20,000 in matching funds, or up to $35,000 for multi-jurisdictional applications, to undertake efforts that support their agriculture and forestry-based businesses. These efforts might include developing a strategic plan for agriculture and forestry economic development, creating new local policies and zoning ordinances that better support these industries, or funding feasibility studies and predevelopment work for new facilities that bring significant and lasting benefits to the local agriculture and forestry sectors. National Forest Foundation Matching Awards Program - HTTP://WWW.FS.USDA.GOV/DETAILFULL/MBS/WORKINGTOGETHER/?CID=STELPRDB5252461&WIDTH=FULL The MAP program provides matching funds for direct on-the-ground and citizen-based monitoring projects benefiting America’s National Forests and Grasslands. MAP funds can be used to support conservation and restoration projects benefiting wildlife habitat, recreation, watershed health, and community-based forestry. By pairing federal funds—provided through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Forest Service—with non-federal dollars raised by award recipients, the resources available to nonprofit partners to implement projects are effectively doubled. The National Park Service Land and Water Conservation Fund - HTTP://WWW.DCR.VIRGINIA.GOV/RECREATIONAL_PLANNING/LWCF.SHTML The program provides matching grants to States and through States to local units of government, for the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation sites and facilities. Grant funds are also available, to States only, for fulfilling the statewide comprehensive outdoor recreation planning requirements of the program. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Acres for America - HTTP://WWW.NFWF.ORG/AM/TEMPLATE.CFM?SECTION=CHARTER_PROGRAMS_LIST&TEMPLATE=/TAGGEDPAGE/TAGGED PAGEDISPLAY.CFM&TPLID=60&CONTENTID=24291 The Acres for America program was established to provide funding for projects that conserve important habitat for fish, wildlife, and plants through acquisition of interest in real property. Environmental Solutions for Communities Grant Program - HTTP://WWW.NFWF.ORG/AM/TEMPLATE.CFM?SECTION=CHARTER_PROGRAMS_LIST&CONTENTID=25245&TEMPLATE =/CM/CONTENTDISPLAY.CFM Wells Fargo and the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation are funding projects that link economic development and community well-being to the stewardship and health of the environment. Funding areas include: * Supporting sustainable agricultural practices and private lands stewardship; * Conserving critical land and water resources and improving local water quality; * Restoring and managing natural habitat, species and ecosystems that are important to community livelihoods; * Facilitating investments in green infrastructure, renewable energy and energy efficiency; and * Encouraging broad-based citizen participation in project implementation. 33

River, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program - HTTP://WWW.NPS.GOV/NCRC/PROGRAMS/RTCA/CONTACTUS/CU_APPLY.HTML The mission of the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program (RTCA) is to assist community-led natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation initiatives. RTCA staff provide guidance to communities so they can conserve waterways, preserve open space, and develop trails and greenways. Virginia Locality Stormwater Program - HTTP://WWW.DCR.VIRGINIA.GOV/FORMS/DCR199-211.PDF WQIF funds are provided, in accordance with the guidelines, to help stimulate nonpoint source pollution reduction through the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost-share Program and water quality improvement projects within the regions listed above. Virginia Outdoors Fund Open Space Lands Preservation Trust Fund - HTTP://WWW.VIRGINIAOUTDOORSFOUNDATION.ORG/VOF_LAND-PTF.PHP The Open Space Lands Preservation Trust Fund assists landowners with the costs of conveying open-space easements and the purchase of all or part of the value of the easements. Open space easements preserve farmland, forest land, and natural and recreational areas by restricting intensive uses, such as development and mining, which would alter the conservation values of the land. 34

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