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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County


APPENDIX 4: NEWSLETTER SAMPLES Chesapeake Bay Foundation: State of the Bay Report: Provides a good example of a visual, user- friendly newsletter. It is short and available online. Washington State Department of Health: Water Tap Newsletter: A good, but less visual example of a water health newsletter that gives citizen- centric solutions and tips. COMPARISONS: (CBF’s “State of the Bay Report 2010”) (JMSWCD’s “Annual Report 2012”) 47

APPENDIX 5: EXAMPLE RIPARIAN BUFFER ORDINANCES: Oakland, Alameda County, California- “The ordinance requires that construction and development projects nearby creeks first obtain a “creek protection permit” from the city. In order to get permit approval, the applicant must meet criteria and guidelines that are intended to either minimize or avoid negative impacts to the creek area and its natural functions” (23). Fremont, Alameda County, California- Ordinance that stated, “No development shall be located within a riparian corridor except for otherwise permitted flood control, erosion control, water supply, transportation facilities, fences or hiking or equestrian trails. ‘Riparian corridors’ are the areas within 200 feet from the center of a permanent or intermittent stream bed” (23). Lafayette, Contra Costa County- “Creek setback policy in their municipal code that prohibits construction of structures within a creek setback area. The creek setback area is determined by calculating a creek setback line based on the creek depth, steepness of bank, and topography of the top of bank” (24). Must show that work is outside of setback area before receiving building permit from the city. Fairfield, Solano County, California- 200-foot buffer zone, called a “stream environment zone” that only applies to major creeks (24). Sonoma County, California- “Sonoma County zoning code provides “streamside conservation area” protection to all waterways that are designated as “riparian corridors” in the Open Space Element of the General Plan. The width of the conservation is determined based upon classification of urban, upland, flatland, or Russian River riparian corridors.” Development is prohibited within these areas, which are generally 100 feet wide, but wider in specified regions. Napa County, California- “They use slope percentage adjacent to creeks to formulate required setbacks that range from 35-150 feet.” A depth and bank steepness standard was created to determine the rivers to which the policy applied. Alpharetta, Georgia- Invited developers and public throughout the policy development process. “The Alpharetta ordinance allows flexibility in buffer width, as long as a minimum of 50 feet and an average of 100 feet in width is maintained. In addition, there is an impervious surface setback that must average 150 feet in width and cannot be less than 75 feet in width. Septic tanks and septic tank drain fields are prohibited in this zone” (25). Douglas County, Georgia- Requires thicker buffers (200 feet) beside drinking water reservoirs. Limits development in other ecologically sensitive areas to one house per five acres. Fulton County, Georgia- Also has scaled buffer requirements. 48

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