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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Sustainability Measures

Sustainability Measures Description Point Value Lighting Install fluorescent fixtures Conserve Water Practice deficient irrigation, Cover or move inside crush and press operations to eliminate “baking” of waste material on equipment. Sustainable Wastewater Plan Meet commercial septic standards Buildings and Tanks: Use pond process water for vineyard and/or landscaping irrigation 2 Meet Health Department Standards for to accommodate largest events. Winery Drain fields associated with septic tanks generally plug quickly due to the high load of solids in the wastewater. The acidic nature of winery wastewater, its high soluble oxygen demand, and its low phosphorus and nitrogen content make it very hard to support a microbial population that can adequately digest sugars and other organics. This website provides guidance on how to calculate and draw plans that accommodate the special requirements of wineries. Wineries%20Car%20Washes%20Kennels%20etc.htm Insulate jacketed and cold stabilization wine tanks Install strip curtains on conditioned buildings with high traffic Reduce heat gain on tanks with solar screens or building insulation Insulate refrigerant lines Use night air cooling Refrigeration Replace air cooled condensers with evaporative condensers Install premium efficiency motors Variable speed drives on pumps and centrifugal fams Insulate glycol lines Shift electrical use to off-peak times Cover Crops Use cover crops like zorro fescue, clovers, and triticale to help control erosion, increase filtration, and add nutrients Filter Strips Install strips of plants planted parallel or adjacent to vine fields, or along waterways to slow and reduce run-off. Strips cover either 75% of downhill field boundaries or 100% along on property waterways. 69 1 3 4 3 2 3 2

NATURE-BASED RECREATION IN FAUQUIER COUNTY Written by Jasmine Amanin, Laura Burden, Jae Won Ha GOAL SUMMARY Goal 1: Incorporate more nature-based recreation within the service districts including pocket parks and trails to provide green space opportunities as a way to improve health of the community in Fauquier County in the spaces they live in. Goal 2: Increase public awareness of and engagement with trails, parks, and green space so access and usage is spread across demographic, economic, and geographic barriers. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Goal 1: Incorporate more nature-based recreation within the service districts including pocket parks and trails to provide green space opportunities as a way to improve health of the community in Fauquier County in the spaces they live in. Rationale: While Fauquier County has many opportunities for nature-based recreation, (including sixteen wineries and farms, eleven of which are pick-your-own) the county has little in the way of publicly accessible open spaces. According to Fauquier’s comprehensive plan, over ninety percent of the county is characterized by open space. These open spaces surround Fauquier’s five service districts, in which the county has allowed for population growth. The surrounding agricultural lands are almost all privately owned, excluding Sky Meadows State Park and the C.F. Philips Wildlife Management area. In addition, the county is characterized by an in-migration of inhabitants from the neighboring D.C. metropolitan area. In order to ensure that these inhabitants locate in areas designated for growth, the county must focus its efforts on incorporating green spaces into the service districts where people live. These green spaces can be in the form of pocket parks and trails. Nature-based recreation enhances the quality of life for inhabitants and improves the overall health of the community. In addition, nature based recreation has economic benefits. Open Space, in the form of parks, forests, and trails can increase property values. Park within “1,500 feet of a home increased its sale price between $845 - $2,262” (Economic Benefits of Recreation, Open Space, Recreation Facilities and Walkable Community Design, 2010). People are more likely to spend money in places that have trees. This could dramatically affect the nature of Fauquier’s service districts. Currently, southern Fauquier is characterized by its lower income residents and sprawling development. Providing access to nature based recreation in these areas of the county can improve and diversify the service districts’ economic base. The service districts can employ businesses that cater to their different recreational activities. For instance, the Town of Remington already has a bike trail that passes through the town’s center. Business can cater to this unique recreational activity and capture a large consumer base. Currently, the service districts are zoned to include a fixed percentage of open spaces. These percentages vary based on the nature of the residential or commercial development. In addition, the current zones include private lawns and golf courses as a part of the open space percentages. One means of enhancing the number of publicly accessible recreational green spaces is to impose a service district open space requirement. This requirement deals specifically with public open spaces, and therefore would not include yards or golf course. In this way, the county can easily consider incorporating publicly accessible green spaces into the places where people live through connected trail networks and pocket parks. 70

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