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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Task 1): Create a

Task 1): Create a brochure with maps linking the trails and parks including information on directions from the maps provided. Task 2): Create signage at parks and trails to better advertise them. Task 3): Arrange events at various parks (especially as they are opened, enhanced, or re-designed.) to bring the public directly to these spaces. Responsible parties: Fauquier County Parks and Recreation. Cost will be free, printing charges for findings - $5,000, signage at parks - $5,000 (possible state and local grants). Grants for FTE who will digitize the privately owned trails, and other non-digitized maps. Objective 2: Adopt our best practices for future endeavors that will greater connect pre-existing parks. Task 1): Hire an employee who can digitize connective trails and parks in Fauquier County, which will advise the county on feasible locations for future endeavors for greater connectivity. Task 2): Adopt best practice (Appendix D [Vint Hill], ) for developers to follow Fauquier's desires for parks and green spaces, including exhibiting the county’s design standards. Responsible parties: Fauquier County Parks and Recreation, Fauquier County Planning Department, Individuals seeking to develop in Fauquier County, Private park/trail owners. 73


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