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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County



APPENDIX C: FAUQUIER COUNTY TRAIL DESIGN AND MAINTENANCE STANDARDS Trail Design is important as a way to “insure that the route offers optimum scenic, geographic, historic, cultural and biological sites to provide a variety of diverse habitats for the trail user to experience. Trail design is the critical connection to make the trail sustainable, to reduce impacts to the natural environment, and to minimize future trail maintenance” (Richards 10). There are certain features which should be included in a trail: 1. Ridgeline - avoid high cost of grades and slopes, also give views to countryside. 2. Bluffs and Cliffs - few construction problems, attractive vistas 3. Stream Bottoms - moisture for wildlife and plants not found in upland areas - however can also have issues with mud, can be solved with stepping stones or boardwalks.4. 4. “Points of Interest” a. Geologic features (bluffs of sandstone or limestone) b. Hydrological features (ponds or lakes) c. Cascades or waterfalls d. Historic and cultural features e. Large of interesting trees It is also important to be aware of places to avoid Active farmland Old home sites with wells or cisterns Construction problem areas with very rocky or steep slopes Wetlands or swampy areas Area of exotic invasive vegetation such as privet of multiflora rose thickets Stay at least 25 feet from the edge of a stream to prevent impacting the resource Property boundaries - should stay 100 feet away from adjacent landowners if possible There are 6 different kinds of trails 1. Single file backcountry hiking trails 4 ft wide by 8 ft tall trail corridor zone Trail tread constructed at 24” and reduced to 18” over time Vegetation cleared several time per year 2. Nature trails 6 ft wide by 8 ft tall trail corridor zone Trail width of 3 ft with clearing of 12 ft diameters (group pause) 3. Mountain Bike trails “Single track” - trail follows same guidelines as the backcountry hiking trails. 4. Equestrian trails 8 ft wide by 10/12 ft tall trail corridor zone 5. Greenway trails Walking path - minimum width of 5ft and require a no bicycle sign. - recommend 6 ft for two way path Bicycle path - minimum one way width is 6 ft - minimum two way width is 10 ft To accommodate all about 12 ft is achievable. 6. Americans with Disabilities Act compliant trails Wheelchair accessible trail surfaces should not exceed 5% slopes and have a cross slope of greater than 2% and are required to have firm and stable surface. Also include “Trail Support Facilities” Trailheads Toilets 76

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