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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

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● In business or commercial areas, corners or vacant lots may be desirable; unique situations involving road or railroad abandonments or rights-of-way reductions may present other opportunities Access: By foot or bicycle; should not require parking. Must be ADA accessible Parking: None required or desired Minimum Development Features): ● Turf and landscape plantings to promote shade over at least 25% of area* ● Support amenities such as benches (in shade and sun), bike racks, trash receptacles Bibliography "Community Development." Fauquier County. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Oct. 2012. . "Pocket Park Development Standards."City of Visalia California. N.p., 7 Feb. 2005. Web. 15 Nov. 2012. <>. The Economic Benefits of Open Space, Recreation Facilities and Walkable Community Design. Active Living Research. San Diego, CA. May, 2010. Web. Richards, Bob. Pathways to Trail Building. Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Recreation Educational Services Division. Nashville, TN. 2007. Web. "Services." Trail Design Specialists. Trail Design Specialists, 2012. Web. 14 Oct. 2012. . Vint H. "Vint Hill - Where Business Is a Pleasure | Vint Hill." Vint Hill - Where Business Is a Pleasure | Vint Hill. Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, 2012. Web. 07 Dec. 2012. . For many other useful resources on trails visit: 81

HISTORY AND CULTURE: POLICIES AND STRATEGIES Written by: Demi Skipper and Luhan Zhou Fauquier County is an area that is abundantly rich in historical and cultural resources. Tthe county contains more than 700 historically recognized sites. However, only 120 of these sites are listed within the historic sites appendix within the comprehensive plan. With our research, we hope to begin to identify, categorize and protect the 700 historic sites that are present in Fauquier County. Our investigation focused on more specifically considering each of the 13 historical Civil War sites by looking at their accessibility, approachability, and protection of view sheds and education of visitors to each of the sites. With these factors, the county can create more social appreciation of the county, as well as help to use these sites as stepping stones for visitors to other beautiful natural resources. We understand the preservation of natural resources is of utmost important, especially to the citizens of Fauquier County. Yet it is our job to help the people understand that historical and cultural centers can also double as both beautiful places to stop and rest as interconnected networks of wildlife preservation. In order do this, we hope to gain the attention of the Fauquier County Planning Department, as we understand they have taken steps in their comprehensive plan to place more organization of their historic sites for the future, yet little physical evidence has been shown that changes have been made thus far. Within the comprehensive plan, it states that “Fauquier County contains more than seven hundred sites, places, and areas of historic significance. Identification, categorization, and protection of these historic sites and areas will require further work than that presented in this section.” Therefore, we believe that more detailed maps, and new buffer standard codes, Fauquier county can have a “head start” in the continued efforts to protect and educate visitors of the historic sites that are present. These historical and cultural areas of interest will also help to promote tourism to the area and to allow the area to be better prepared for individuals who may visit the county. Currently, many of the citizens of Fauquier County could learn more about the need to protect Civil War sites as naturally beautiful areas that should not be devoid of trees. Better mapping of these sites can assist in idetifying specific view sheds and natural assets of the area. With new understanding and protection for these Civil War sites, additional economic benefits can occur such as purchase of natural foods and services that individuals will want as they visit the sites or bike through the bike paths throughout the county. GOALS Goal 1: Identify locations for historical civil war sites and churches within the county. Goal 2: Protect historical sites and their viewsheds. Goal 3: Develop historical sites as a tourism and education resource. Goal 1: Identify all locations for historical civil war sites and churches within Fauquier County. Rationale: Currently, the main tool for identifying these sites is the Civil War Maps brochure, created by the county, as well as the Fauquier County Website. The county's website does not include a civil war maps brochure does not appear on the website and the website does not list clear directions as to where each of these sites are located. Listing of historic churches would also help to promote visitation and tourism. Although this information can be found on the internet, it is not all in one place. Thus, it is likely that people have been further discouraged from visiting the historical sites of Fauquier County because all of the information was not readily available to them. 82

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