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Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Strategies for Conserving the Natural and ... - Fauquier County

Objective 1: Create a

Objective 1: Create a new, updated map with coordinates in order for visitors to more quickly map where each historic Civil War site is located, using a GPS location. Old Signage New Proposed Signage Goal 2: Protect historical sites and their view sheds. Rationale: Statistics indicate that the County is steadily losing its historic building stock. According to the U.S. Census, between 1940 and 2000, the County experienced a loss of almost 35% of its 5,296 pre-1940 residential buildings. The County also lost a considerable number of its historical barns, silos, and other agricultural outbuildings during this same fifty year period. Another 150 historic homes were demolished or came off the tax rolls between 2000 and 2006. Fortunately, several citizen and county efforts are underway to document and protect these limited resources, such as the 1866 train depot was saved from demolition by the Remington Community Partnership. It is important to further investigate how to protect these sites since historical sites can double as historical records for remembrance and education as interconnected networks of wildlife preservation. In order to achieve this, these sites should be linked to natural landscape around the county as these historical sites play a role in a larger context and also help in connecting trails, open space and parklands. Besides preserving historical sites themselves, protecting rural view sheds from sites is also an important part of our second goal, not only for the ecological network connection, but also for the experience of visitors. Standing in a rural trail, while facing to a recycling center is definitely not an ideal experience for visiting a historical site. This type of incompatible development which does not consider the viewshed destroys the natural beauty of historical sites. Many historic sites may become further degraded without protective action (See Appendix 4). Objective 2a: Create a buffer standard using previously successful buffer standards from other counties. (See Appendix 2) 83

Objective 2b: Create a point system in which the buffers and their current standards can be rated in order to begin to makes positive changes to the sites. (See Appendix 4) Civil War Site Civil War Site with Buffer Standard Goal 3: explore opportunities for developing historical sites as a tourism and education resource. Rationale: Historical buildings and areas present towns and county’s with many opportunities for cultural tourism. People that wish to visit old towns and historic sites would spend a lot of money in those communities. However, visibility, accessibility, education and proper management are huge concerns for existing historical sites. Currently, Fauquier County is nowhere near their full potential in promoting historical sites as tourist sites. After visiting many of the civil war trails and historical churches in the area, it is clear that there is currently very little knowledge of their existence. Many of these problems are potentially rooted in low visibility, accessibility and education of the residences and visitors around the areas. For example, Blackburn’s Ford is a Civil War site with a nice trail and is close to a beautiful water source with very few visitors. Currently, there is very little to read about the area and any info pamphlets that had once been there had not been replenished. We hope that with our first two goals in place, the sites can replenish their brochures and create a clear understanding of the location of the site on the Fauquier County website in relation to the highway. 84

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