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Wasteline Newsletter - Fauquier County

Wasteline Newsletter - Fauquier County

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Page 2 Wasteline Newsletter Recycle Today! Recycle Everyday! Bill Marsh, head custodian at AMS CM Bradley 1st graders visit landfill Ed E. Earth says he always enjoys the hugs and handshakes from education program participants young and old alike. Enviroscape Landfill Model presented to Taylor Middle School 6th graders School Solid Waste Mgmt Improves: Recycling is Up As most schools continue to improve on their recycling rates, some schools have even figured out how to reduce their overall trash rate through reuse, reduction of trash generated or through recycling. This is good news for those schools as it costs to dispose of trash in our county landfill. A full report will be available to school administrators at the end of the fiscal year. School Recycling: Schools Host Recycling Competitions In honor of Earth Day, Coleman Elementary participated in a week long recycling competition. Managed by the school SCO, and custodians, Mary Blake, Kathy Southers and Betty Fewell, the school collected 279.9 pounds, with Mrs. Kohler’s 5th grade class winning 1st place with the collection of 38.7 pounds. Mrs. Olinger’s 1st grade class placed second with 36.6 pounds. The SCO baked cupcakes for the winners which were decorated like the Earth with candy worms hanging out. Mary Walter Elementary also collected 8,000 plastics bottles and CH Ritchie 1st graders in Nina Anderson’s class collected paired shoes during Earth Day week. Landfill Tours: Area Schools Visit Landfill and Recycling Center for Earth Day Celebration As part of this year’s Earth Day celebration, hundreds of students of all ages visited the Fauquier County landfill and recycling facilities. First graders from C.M. Bradley and P.B. Smith elementary schools, middle school and high school students from Wakefield School in The Plains, and ecology students from Fauquier High School were treated with tours of behind the scene activities at the landfill. Recycling & Litter Prevention Education: Education Team Presented 111 Programs in 2007-08 The Fauquier County Environmental Services (FCES) Recycling and Litter Prevention Education team presented a record breaking 111 educational programs to over 20,000 residents of all ages this past year. In hopes that more residents would understand the need for diverting waste from our county landfill, the programs included slide shows, puppet shows, live animal presentations, hands-on experiments, landfill tours, booths, and visits by Ed E. Earth, the county’s Nature Ranger Rabbit. In addition to the programs, FCES staff wrote and were interviewed for newspaper and magazines articles, and continued to assist many schools in setting up or refining their recycling programs by visiting schools and talking to school groups. College and high school students also used the team as a reliable source of information for research papers.

FY2008, Quarter 4 Safety Tip of the Quarter: Lyme Disease Prevention Lyme Disease is caused by bacteria and is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected deer tick. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, flulike symptoms, stiff neck, joint and muscle pains, chills and shivers, backache, earaches, fatigue and/or the presence of a skin rash (bullet-like ring around the tick bite). The best prevention while being outdoors includes wearing long pants sprayed with a pest repellent, checking for ticks when coming indoors and early detection of a skin rash around the tick bite. If symptoms occur but there is not evidence of an actual tick bite, see your doctor for treatment anyway. There are antibiotics to treat the early stages of Lyme Disease. Virginia Recycling Assoc Conference: FCES Staff Moderates C&D Panel Discussion Fauquier County Environmental Services Commodities Coordinator, Nathaniel Townley moderated the Construction and Debris panel discussion at this year’s Virginia Recycling Association Annual Conference on May 20 in the Virginia Beach area. The purpose of the discussion was to inform other jurisdictions and businesses of the benefits of recycling construction and demolition debris in lieu of landfilling valuable commodities. Fauquier has been operating a C&D recycling facility for almost a year now and has diverted thousand of tons of materials from the landfill. Fauquier Says NO to Litter: Citizen Groups Ban Together to Cleanup During the month of April, many litter pick up programs took place in Fauquier County. VDOT Adopt-a-Highway program participants and the Citizens for Fauquier County (CFFC) picked up litter from over a hundred miles of countryside roads. Many schools used Earth Day as an occasion to talk about litter to students. Most of what we do is reactive (picking up litter) but schools are trying to be proactive and teach students why litter is harmful to animals and humans, as well as expensive to clean up. Another CFFC litter clean up is planned for this fall. Volunteer today by contacting Mimi Moore at 347-8661. It’s a real eye opener. Warrenton Spring Festival: Biodegradable Balloons are Hit of the Day Fauquier County Environmental Services once again was present at the Warrenton Spring Festival on Main Street. This year the staff displayed its bottle house made from recycled 2 liter soda bottles. Biodegradable balloons and scented pencils were given away. The department also provided its community events recycling containers which encouraged participants to recycle their plastic bottles and aluminum cans throughout the day. Approximately 12,800 empty plastic bottles were collected. Page 3 The best Lyme Disease prevention is awareness. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Help Save Our Earth! C&D Recycling Facility in operation Renovated Recycling/Processing Center 2008 Warrenton Spring Festival included FCES Recycled Bottle House

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