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October 2011 - Fauquier County

October 2011 - Fauquier County

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Page 2 Fauquier County H o m e O c c u p a t i o n s - B u s i n e s s e s B y S a n d y P u r y e a r Many types of businesses are allowed to be operated from a home. These are called “Home Occupations.” On average, the County approves four new home businesses each week! Minor Home Occupations are approved administratively in a few days. There are limitations on Home Occupations in order not to disrupt neighbors, but the rules still allow a broad range of businesses to be run from the home, including some that bring clients to the home or have an Need information for a building or zoning permit application? Fauquier County’s Real Estate Online feature assists the public in searching for what is needed to fill out building and zoning permit applications. Go to Fauquier County’s website at: Click on the drop down bar on view by department information and click on Commissioner of the Revenue. On the left hand side employee who does not live on the property. Major Home Occupations allow more employees, more space to be used, and generally more activity to occur with the business at home—therefore, this requires approval by the Board of Zoning Appeals after a public hearing. For Minor and Major Home Occupation rules, see the Home Occupation Brochure on the Department’s website library or call the zoning staff at 540-422-8220. Zoning can Steve Clark, Clark Brothers Jim Stone, Fauquier County Planning Commissioner, Cedar Run Joel Barkman, Fauquier County Transportation Committee, Cedar Run After the input sessions and revisions, the Committee provided a briefing to the Board of Supervisors on June 9, 2011. The two technical reports—Opal Land Use and Policy Design Study and the Public Service Road Network Access Management Study. — can be viewed on the website at: government/committees/opalsvcdist/ F a u q u i e r C o u n t y R e a l E s t a t e O n l i n e ! b y H e a t h e r K a n n a r d & J e n n S e x t o n click on Real Estate Online. This site offers four different ways to locate property information - Owner Name, Address, PIN or Subdivision. Select the radio button to choose one option. Type in the open box with the search information and click on search. The search results will be displayed. To access further information click on the magnifying glass labeled ‘details’. This is where the necessary information provide guidance on other necessary steps, including registering the business name with the Circuit Court and acquiring a business license from the Commissioner of the Revenue. Let us help you get to work! O p a l S e r v i c e D i s t r i c t : F u t u r e L a n d U s e & T r a n s p o r t a t i o n S t u d i e s — P a r t 2 B y R i c k C a r r Since June 2010, the Opal Steering Committee has been meeting with the Departments of Community Development and Economic Development. Their public outreach resulted in over 100 property owners and businesses attending public input sessions at Liberty High School. The six Committee citizen members included: Randy Ferrell, President & CEO, The Fauquier Bank George Quarles, COO Transports & Purchasing, Quarles Petroleum Inc. Carter Wiley, Wiley Companies After the briefing and work session, the Board directed staff and the Steering Committee to prepare an amendment to the Opal Service District Plan that reflects the recommendations contained in the two studies. Once prepared, this Comprehensive Plan Amendment will then be submitted to the Planning Commission to start the public hearing process in FY2012. is displayed to fill out the building/zoning permit application.

Issue 4 C h a n c e r y P l a t R e v e a l s H i s t o r i c B l a c k w e l l t o w n B o u n d a r i e s B y K i m b e r l y A b e Digitized historic records and Google Earth greatly enhance a community’s ability to map its historical geography. Blackwelltown was formed when Elizabeth Blackwell freed her slaves in her will at her death in 1859 with the provision that proceeds from the sale of her property would provide them passage to Ohio. A 300-page Chancery case, GEORGE WASHINGTON, ETC vs. ELIZABETH P. BLACKWELL, ETC, (Index 1840- 069) is available digitally on the Library of Virginia website. This case documents the complex legal settlement of the Blackwell estate after the Civil War. The file includes P o p u l a t i o n C h a n g e 2 0 0 0 - 2 0 1 0 V i r g i n i a C o u n t i e s a n d C i t i e s B y K r i s t e n S l a w t e r The U.S. Census Bureau began releasing data from the 2010 Census in February. By comparing this new data with the 2000 Census, a population change is revealed. Fauquier County was the 29th fastest growing locality amongst Virginia counties and cities, with an over 18% rise in population between the year 2000 and 2010 . Loudoun County grew the most with 84%, followed by Prince William County (43%). However, many localities lost population including Accomack (-13%) and Danville (-11%). Much more information is available through the website: The new web interface can be confusing for new or returning visitors. If there are questions about how to access the information, contact the Planning Office at 540-422-8210. Page 3 an 1867 plat of Blackwell’s farmlands subdivided into 30-acre lots. It also lists the names of the former slaves who purchased the auctioned lots in the newly formed Blackwelltown community. The original plat lines are clearly distinguishable in the contemporary landscape when the plat is overlaid on Google Earth and parcel maps. According to local historian Karen Hughes White, approximately one third of the residents today are descendants of the founding members of the Blackwelltown community. The white inset map is a current parcel map. The larger map is the Chancery Plat (061-1898-001 CFN page 242) available online in the Library of Virginia Chancery index. The red arrows show distinctive reference points indicating the original community boundaries distinguishable in today’s parcel lines. Some lots are still 30 acres in size as originally platted. Fauquier County

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