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Emerging animal diseases: from science to policy - Favv

Emerging animal diseases: from science to policy - Favv

6 Table of Contents

6 Table of Contents Preface 5 Introduction 9 Risk assessment of emerging animal diseases 10 Current position of the OIE on the approach of emerging animal diseases 11 Understanding the Factors of Animal Disease Emergence: A World of One Health 15 The epidemiological investigation of the 2006 multi-country Bluetongue outbreak: experiences from the European Food Safety Authority 19 Climatic change and emerging animal diseases 23 Management of emerging animal diseases 28 EU policy on emerging animal diseases 29 Early diagnosis of animal diseases: a key-element for rapid and efficient management 37 Applications: examples of animal diseases at risk of (re-)emergence 40 Preventing classical swine fever re-emergence: a continuous challenge 41 Surveillance of West Nile virus infection in Europe: assessment and improvement axes 47 Arthropod-borne viral diseases potentially at risk for introduction in European countries 57 Risk assessment of the re-emergence of bovine brucellosis/tuberculosis 63

Synthesis and conclusions 72 Synthesis and conclusions – What did we learn today? 73 Samenvatting 79 Résumé 81 7

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