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18 G. GASKELL (London

18 G. GASKELL (London School of Economics, UK) 16:05 Theme 6: Regulatory aspects Items to be addressed: • International – European – national level • Legislation regarding the food chain (REACH, labelling, etc.) • Regulatory challenges of nanotechnologies • International standards (?) • Official controls (?) Main questions to be answered: • Are nano-applications in the food chain covered by the current legislation? • What are the lacunas in legislation? • Is there a need for a specific “nano-legislation”? • Are there any barriers in legislation? • How to control nano-applications in the food chain? • Quid labelling? E. POUDELET (Director Directorate Safety of the Food Chain, EC DG Health & Consumer Protection) Regulatory aspects of EU food legislation 16:30 Questions and answers about themes 5 & 6 GENERAL DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS Chairs: A. Huyghebaert, L. Pussemier 16:45 Round-table discussion: industry – risk assessor – risk manager – consumer

GENERAL INTRODUCTION The annual scientific event, organized by the Scientific Committee (SciCom) of the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) has a particular dimension as it takes place in the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the European Council. In addition, the symposium is organized in cooperation with the European Commission and the European Food Safety Agency. As a scientific independent advisory body to the FASFC, the SciCom has as a major task to perform risk assessment studies. Already for several years, SciCom organizes, every year an event in order to discuss new developments, to identify new challenges and to reflect on its own activities. The title “Nanotechnologies in the Food Chain” is indeed particularly promising in this respect. As a novel technology it offers a broad range of opportunities for innovation. On the other hand there are uncertainties with respect to the safety of some applications. Nanotechnology is an exciting field but has an impact on the whole food chain. The approach chosen covers different aspects including applications in the food chain, toxicological aspects, risk assessment, regulatory issues, consumer perception and communication. Consumers are quite reluctant to accept novel technologies in the food chain, especially if information on risk assessment is lacking. Taking into account experiences in other fields with new developments, there is a need for a transparent communication to interested parties in the whole food chain. Networking is also an important objective of a scientific symposium. There is indeed ample opportunity to exchange views with colleagues with a variable background and from different horizons. It is hoped that this symposium will contribute to our knowledge of the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology. 19

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