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The characteristic element of farm products is therefore not only their origin (the farm), but also the way they are sold: through the short chain. NUMBER OF SHORT FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN SELLERS IN FLANDERS Short food supply chain marketing in Flanders is mainly the responsibility of farmers. They market their own primary or processed products through their own farm shop, local (farmers) market, internet, small retail businesses, subscription initiatives, … Number of farms in Flanders (data through Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery ‐ 2011) 2011 % in 2011 Farms in Flanders 25982 100.00 % Farms in Antwerp 3914 15.06 % Farms in Flemish Brabant 3045 11.72 % Farms in West‐Flanders 9065 34.89 % Farms in East‐Flanders 6872 26.45 % Farms in Limburg 3086 11.88 % Number of short food supply chain farms in 2012 in Flanders (data through the Steunpunt Hoeveproducten 1/KVLV vzw) % relative to the number of farms Flanders 1321 100.00% 5.08 % Antwerp 252 19.08% 6.44 % Flemish Brabant 197 14.91% 6.47 % West‐Flanders 409 30.96% 4.51 % East‐Flanders 290 21.95% 4.22 % Limburg 172 13.02% 5.57 % 1 The ‘Steunpunt Hoeveproducten’ of KVLV vzw (= Assistant Center for farmers starting and developing their short food supply chain marketing activity) is active in Flanders and informs farmers concerning the legal framework of starting/developing a short food supply chain activity (food hygiene, self control systems, food law, marketing legislation, land management, fiscal matters, cost price calculation and profitability, …) 20

Number of short food supply chain farms in 2011 in Flanders (data through the FASFC) Selling manufactured Selling primary Total products products Flanders 652 809 1461 Antwerp 88 102 190 Flemish Brabant 76 209 285 West‐Flanders 241 188 429 East‐Flanders 190 202 392 Limburg 57 108 165 Number of short chain food supplier farms/sector in 2011 in Flanders (data through the FASFC) Meat manufacturers Dairy product manufacturers 21 Manufacturers of crop products Farms selling primary products Total Flanders 99 447 106 809 1461 Antwerp 10 66 12 102 190 Flemish Brabant 15 36 25 209 285 West‐Flanders 37 177 27 188 429 East‐Flanders 28 130 32 202 392 Limburg 9 38 10 108 165 MOTIVATIONS FOR STARTING A SHORT FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN SELLING ACTIVITY IN FLANDERS Short chain selling of primary and/or manufactured food products by farms is an important way of broadening the farming activities. The main reason of initializing the activity of marketing its own products is an economic reason. Getting a reasonable income in Flanders in a farming business is not easy. Enlarging the scale size of the farm/the production is not always an easy or wanted solution so the marketing of own farm products can – for a certain number of farms – be a good alternative. Short chain selling of own farm products can also be a good option when the son/daughter wants to join the parents farming business. Furthermore some farms are located close to a village centre/city and can therefore profit from their location close to the end consumer.

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