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CONCLUSIONS In terms of food safety and food quality, there can be some slight differences between the foodstuffs distributed via the conventional (long) chains and the food which can be directly obtained from the local producers. Sometimes this can lead to less safe situations (presence of environmental contaminants or toxins stemming for non‐appropriate crop management techniques) but this is mostly an exception that can be avoided by a good education of the producer and of the consumers. On the other hand, contaminants stemming from more complex processes and long‐term storage of the foodstuffs will generally be less present in the short supply chain (especially in the organic production) if appropriate food‐ grade materials (utensils, packaging) are selected to handle the food. In addition, by buying fresh and less processed products, the consumer will improve the nutritional quality of its food. Last but not least, self‐production of vegetables and fruit will be even better for the health of the consumer thanks to some extra physical activity required for their production. REFERENCES Baert et al. (2006) Occurrence of Patulin in organic, conventional, and handcrafted apple juices marketed in Belgium. J. of Food Protec. 69(6): 1371‐1378. Belpaire and Goemans (2007) Eels: contaminant cocktails pinpointing environmental contamination. ICES journal of Marine Science, 64(7):1423‐1436. Gillard et al. (2009) Quantification of patulin in Belgian handicraft‐made apple juices. World Mycotoxin Journal. 2(1): 95‐104. Goeyens et al. (2008) Contaminatie van eieren afkomstig van kippen gehouden bij particulieren. Report of the CONTEGG study published by “Contractueel onderzoek ‐FOD Volksgezondheid, Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en leefmilieu”, Brussel (58p). Claeys et al. (2008) Exposure assessment of the Belgian population through fruit and vegetable consumption. Food Additives & Contaminants , 25 (7) 851‐863. Claeys et al. (2011) Exposure of several Belgian consumer groups to pesticide residues through freshfruit and vegetable consumption. Food Control 22: 508‐516. Food Standards Agency (2009) Organic review published (available at Pussemier et al. (2006) Chemical safety of conventionally and organically produced foodstuffs (2006) 17 14‐21. 50

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