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LabInfo Newsletter for the approved food safety laboratories Editors’ group Dirk Courtheyn, Mieke De Mits, Conny De Schepper, Alain Dubois, Marc Evrard, Alain Laure, Bert Vandenborre, Mieke Van de Wiele, Eva Wevers and Marie-Christine Wilem Authors of this issue Geert De Poorter, Eva Wevers, Mieke Vanbrabant, Séverine Goscinny, Vincent Hanot, Fabien Bolle, Valéry Dumont, Sylvia Broeders, Elodie Barbau-Piednoir, Guillaume Mbongolo Mbella, Nina Papazova, Antoine Pouppez, Nancy Roosens, Isabel Taverniers, Marc De Loose, Frédéric Debode, Gilbert Berben, Eric Janssen, Thibaut Olivier, Anne Chandelier, Stéphan Steyer, Véronique Ninane and Koen De Reu Translation Translation Service of the Agency Editors’ group and staff of the Laboratories Administration Photographs and illustrations Supplied by the laboratories Layout Gert Van Kerckhove NRL NATIONAL REFERENCE LABORATORIES Editor’s address LabInfo p.a. D. Courtheyn FASFC AC-Kruidtuin – Food Safety Center 4de verdieping, bureel K04/120218 Kruidtuinlaan 55 1000 Brussel Tel.: NRL NATIONALE REFERENTIE LABORATORIA LNR LABORATOIRES NATIONAUX DE REFERENCE 2

Newsletter for the approved food safety laboratories Editorial Dear reader, First of all, I wish you a happy and healthy 2012. “Healthy is better than wealthy”, as the saying goes. 2011 has passed off as a roller coaster : a few highs, but mainly lows. Analysts are pessimistic about the future, but we may better not revel in defeatism. Continuous innovation and creativity is our duty; it is the only way to create an added value in all sorts of fields. The FASFC and DG Laboratories do want to participate in these efforts. While writing my new management and operational plan I had a lot of conversations with the users of test results of labs performing analyses in the official control programme and the self checking programme, and with the lab managers of those approved labs as well. The main conclusion of those conversations is that users want to get the results ever quicker and at a cheaper cost. The lab managers are mainly looking for a steady legislation, with clear legal limits, and quickly available methods delivering accurate results. In itself, nothing new under the sun, thus, but converting those wishes into concrete objectives is quite a different matter. I’ld like to inform you on some significant initiatives I am going to take in order to meet those longings. All methods and accessory validation files (except those concerning forbidden substances) used by the FASFC labs will be published in 2012 on the protected Intralab site, so that the external approved labs can easily find a method in this quickly changing world, and moreover they no longer have to establish costly and time-consuming validation files; in most of the cases an implementation validation will be sufficient. The functioning of the National Reference Laboratories will be regulated more in accordance with the market, and with an even better quality control. The NARVAL application for consulting legal limits and action limits will be further developed. In view of the wide range of regulated measurands and the complex matrix dependence of their limits in food safety legislation, this application surely will aid third laboratories in respecting compulsory notification, while it may serve them also for advising their customers. And last but not least, negotiations are being held with PT-providers to inject results directly in our Foodlims PT module, so that the approved laboratories can go in for trend analysis without having to re-type the results. Administrative simplification and an electronic laboratory are becoming more and more a reality. This “electronic” Labinfo contains once again a series of interesting articles. Enjoy the read! Geert De Poorter Director General Laboratories 3

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