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Somatic cells The discussions on somatic cell count focused on the capacity of the reference laboratories to use the microscopic method that is described in the ISO 13366-1 standard, which is the reference method for that parameter. In order to evaluate the capacity of the European analysis network to use that method, the EU-RL MMP set up an inter-laboratory test at the end of 2010 (Alexandra Cauquil). That test revealed that 85 % of the participating laboratories, among which the Belgian NRL, use the method in an appropriate way. An accurate identification of the difficulties met by other laboratories, carried out with the aid of the EU-RL MMP, should lead to an increase of that percentage. The results of the test also reveal that the overall performance of the European network in terms of repeatability and reproducibility have improved when compared to the previous test (2008). The EU-RL MMP intends to further improve these performances by means of a practical training. In addition, the development of a structure for producing reference material for the somatic cell count should lead to an improvement of both the performance of the reference method and the mutual consistency of routine methods. The International Dairy Federation (IDF) and the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR, Italy) have joined their efforts to develop a suitable organisation structure, a so-called reference system (Thomas Berger, Ascroscope, Liebefeld-Posieux, Switzerland). The Belgian NRL is involved in the development of this system: Véronique Ninane (CRA-W) takes part in the activities of this working group of the IDF and the ICAR. 32

Alkaline phosphatase Several analytical aspects have been examined with regard to alkaline phosphatase the activity of which is used to detect pasteurization. One of these aspects is the validation of the fluorometric method for use in goat’s milk that is described in the ISO 11816-1 standard (2006). In 2010, the EU-RL MMP set up an inter-laboratory test for the purpose of determining the repeatability and the reproducibility of the method in goat’s milk. 22 laboratories were involved in that test, including the ILVO-T&V for the Belgian NRL. The test related to 6 alkaline phosphatase activity rates (Anne-Cécile Boitelle, ANSES, Paris). The quality of the results of the inter-laboratory test is such that the test may be used for validation, which was the purpose for which it was set up. Figure 1: Fluorophos instrument with incubator for the determination of the alkaline phosphatase activity 33 Figure 2: Positive sample (left) and negative sample (right) analyzing the alkaline phosphatase activity

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