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Facts and figures 2009 - Favv

Facts and figures 2009 - Favv

20 From the start (in

20 From the start (in 2006), activities related to sustainable development have mainly relied on the voluntary commitment and enthusiasm of a large group of staff members of the central administration (steering committee) and a large network of equally enthusiast staff members of the PCUs and the laboratories. In addition, many staff members that are not part of the steering committee are willing to lend a hand when special events take place. Ever since the beginning, the actions in the field of sustainable development were actively supported by the management, e.g. by providing facilities for the organization of the annual Day of Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development at the FASFC FAVV op weg naar AFSCA en route vers In 2009, sustainable development activities were given a more official character. On 9 February 2009 the Management Committee decided to entrust the Steering Committee for Sustainable Development with the guidance of the EMAS project. As a matter of fact, the FASFC is determined to get EMAS registration in 2010 for the central administration, one of the provincial control units and 3 of its 5 laboratories. The intention of the FASFC is to get EMAS registration for all of its entities at a later stage. Apart from EMAS project guidance, the main activities developed in 2009 were: • organization of a low energy day (13 February); • annual Day of Sustainable Development (13 October) on the subject “Home” with projection of the documentary film “Home” and a highly valued exhibition on sustainable building/dwelling. There was also the publishing of some information leaflets on separate waste collection and on EMAS (in 12 questions and answers). On several occasions, announcements were made covering external events and initiatives, such as Earth Day.

FASFC Management Herman Diricks, Director general Control Policy Gil Houins, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Véronique Berthot, Director general Corporate Services Geert De Poorter, Director general Laboratories Jean-Marie Dochy, Director general Control 21

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