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Facts and figures 2009 - Favv

Facts and figures 2009 - Favv

24 IT, the spine of the

24 IT, the spine of the FASFC Ever since the FASFC was set • the CRM (Customer Relation- up, in 2000, it has gathered ship Management) or opera- and managed data related to tors’ platform – FASFC: FOODits tasks. The FASFC inherited WEB, fully in progress, will the databases of the distinct simplify the steps to be taken inspection services that formerly by operators and give them existed and developed a logical access to the information on structure for them. This “spine” their business that is recorded consists of several intercon- in the FASFC databases nected links that are necessary to achieve an optimal organization of controls based upon risk • FASFC human resources database: DEBOHRA analysis: • billing related to the funding • registration of the operators of the food chain: BOOD of the FASFC: FINFOOD and ADMINLIGHT • translating the control programme into a control and analysis plan for the 11 • use of the data of all databases: BUSINESS INTEL- LIGENCE or BI. provincial control units (PCUs): The working procedures laid ALPHA down within this context helped • recording control missions and the respective findings: FOODNET to achieve an excellent and generally recognized level of professionalism. • recording analysis results: FOODLIMS • registration and traceability of farm animals: SANITRACE

BOOD Assessment by the Scientifi c Committee Input stakeholders RASFF and various informations Risk assessment BI Datamining Programming according to risks and self-checking Reports observations (inspections, controls, audits) Results of analyses ALPHA FOODWEB Planning based on programming Implementation FOODNET of the plan by the PCUs Inspection, control, audit, sampling FOODLIMS Performing of analyses by the laboratories The core process and the integrated IT system of the FASFC: from programming to planning and reporting FINFOOD 25

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