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Facts and figures 2009 - Favv

Facts and figures 2009 - Favv

Our core task The

Our core task The controls

In addition to the controls To ensure that inspections are within the framework of the carried out in an identical man- control plan, controls are carner, “checklists” are used. These ried out for different reasons: can be found on the FASFC re-control following a previ- website. During his mission, ously unfavourable control, the inspector completes these complaints, request for official checklists. The number of check- approval, RASFF, suspicion of lists completed corresponds to disease, obligatory notification, the number of inspections car- export controls, irregularities in ried out. As from 2010, operators case of importation, exportation will have direct access to their or inter-community trade,… details through Foodweb, a new When a control officer or inspector carries out a visit to interface between operators and the FASFC. an establishment, this is called a During a sampling of feed, “mission”. During such a mission, plants or foodstuffs, one or sev- several “controls” may be carried eral samples are taken and then out depending on the activity of analysed to detect the presence the operator. The most common of one or more substances or controls are “inspections” and “samplings”. micro-organisms. There are different types of inspections, for example: • infrastructure, equipment and hygiene • self-checking system • obligatory notification • traceability. 27

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