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PART V: Fighting Outsourcing and Precarious Work: The First Steps

PART V: Fighting Outsourcing and Precarious Work: The First Steps

c. What is the situation

c. What is the situation of these workers o What are their main problems? (wages, benefits, insurance, health and safety, employment status, overtime, etc.) o What are their working conditions – shift regime, working time, wages, health and safety, social benefits? How do these differ from regular workers? o Are they prepared to become union members? o What is the legal situation – can these employment relationships be challenged in court? Information needs vary with the circumstances! When the Nestle Union in Timashevsk found out about outsourcing plans at their plant, they drew up a list of what they needed to know, and where they planned to look for that information. What we need to know where to get it 1. current costs of the particular work our management 2. costs if outsourced to ABC Company our management 3. CBA (if any), working conditions, work ABC Company schedules at X 4. an individual employment contract from ABC Company ABC Company 5. a list of positions affected our management 6. the legal status of ABC Company ABC Company 7. our management’s draft contract with ABC our management Company 8. ABC Company’s record/reputation other unions/ workers at other enterprises where ABC Company is active/Internet / ABC Company OUTSOURCING AND CASUALIZATION IN THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY 55

56 PART V Fighting Outsourcing and Precarious Work: The First Steps How to get the information you need if you are denied it Information denied is information to worry about! If you’re not getting it, management may be covering something up. Don’t give up asking for information. You have a right to it, and don’t stop reminding management that you know this is your right. l Enforce your information rights! Exert constant pressure and always request information in writing. Verbal requests are often ignored. Management may think twice about ignoring a written request. l While keeping pressure on management to provide information, you should also look for other information sources: your union members, the workers of the outsourcing company, your local, regional, national or other relevant union organization, the press, the internet [However, be careful: not all information you find on the internet is accurate, up-to-date or reliable. So you will need to cross check your information]. Make use of examples from other companies and other plants owned by the same company, both in your country and over- seas. l Insist that this is your legitimate concern. If there are clauses in your CBA re- stricting your access to such information, prepare to challenge them in future negotiations! l Challenge the abusive use of “commercial secrecy” or “business confidential- ity” to deny unions their legitimate right of access to information. Hold the company to their word: Many companies publicly proclaim their commitment to “openness” and “transparency” as part of “corporate social responsibility”. These commitments should be put into practice! l Document the denial of information and keep it on record for future action. IUF

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