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Presentation of the phone Function keys Switch off – Reject a call – Hang up Switch on – Call a number – Receive a call – Handsfree mode - Wap services menu C Short press: Return to the previous menu – Delete a character Long press: Exit menu mode – Complete deletion of the entry OK Validate - Programmable keys for direct access to the functions that you have selected (depending on model) - Volume control during conversation (lefthand key : lower, righthand key : louder) - Contextual action @ Mobile Internet access key and Entry and scrolling through the menus. Alphanumeric keyboard Made up of 12 keys: 0 to 9, ∗ and #. To obtain a number or letter, hold down the relevant key until the desired number or letter appears. Letters with accents are obtained by a long press on ∗ after entering the letter with no accent. Punctuation marks and special symbols are obtained by a long press on the # key. 9

Presentation of the phone 10 Key 1 A long press on key 1 allows you to access the voicemail service (depending on model). Key ∗ A long press on key ∗ allows you to activate or deactivate the silent mode. Display The high definition graphics screen enables you to read messages easily. Various icons inform you about the status of functions. Battery charge indicator (black if charged, clear if discharged) Received signal strength indicator (maximum strength: 5 bars) The R letter indicates if the network found does not correspond to the subscription If flashes, the phone is searching for a network Hands-free loudspeaker Call in progress Permanent call forwarding Silent mode Receipt of messages and presence of messages not read. Flashing: message memory full. Voice messages present.

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