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Directory Modifying a group Select the group to be modified, and press OK. Choose Modify. Carry out the wanted modifications. Validate by OK. Deleting a group Select the group to be deleted, and press OK. Choose Delete. Confirm by OK. Sorting Directory menu enables you to sort the stored numbers by name or location; for the latter, the free locations are indicated in the list. Sending a short message to a stored number Select the recipient scrolling using the scrolling arrows and validate using OK. Select Send message and validate using OK. Compose your text message. Press OK. Select Send and validate using OK. The recipient number is displayed. Send your message using the righthand key . 23

Directory 24 Directory memory space In Directory menu, select Available memory. Validate using OK. The screen will display the amount of available space on the SIM card and on the phone itself. Displaying personal numbers Using Directory menu/Personal numbers menu, you can create records for your own numbers in order to be able to consult them. Making a call with a stored number Here are all the ways you can call a correspondent, whose number you have saved in the directory, from the standby screen: 1) Enter the first letter(s) of your correspondent’s name, as you saved it into the directory, and then press . The directory list is displayed, with the first name that corresponds with the letter you entered at the top. If your correspondent is not at the top, use the scrolling arrows to select the name. Press on to make the call. 2) Enter the number under which you have saved your correspondent’s details, and then press on ∗ (rapid dial). 3) Enter the number under which you have saved your correspondent’s details, and then press on #. Your correspondent’s number is displayed, at which point you can modify or add to the number. Press on to make the call.

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