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essages Messages Access to this service depends on the network. For more information, consult your Operator or your Service Provider. Ask your operator about downloading icon, animated screen saver or melody messages. Receiving a message Several types of message may be received: text messages text messages which may include different types of objects (images, melodies, animated icons) icons for call groups animated screen savers melodies WAP bookmarks WAP information. When you receive a message, the phone beeps (the beep is selected using the menu Ringing and beeps/ Volume and choice of music/Messages) and the red indicator flashes. The icon is displayed on your phone screen. This icon remains on screen until the messages have been read. When the icon flashes, the memory is full. The receipt of icons, animated screen savers or melodies can take several minutes. Messages inform you of the downloading progress. At any time, you can: hide that screen by pressing the lefthand key (e.g. to make a call or access other information on your phone), or cancel the download in progress by pressing the righthand key . Go into the Text messages menu to access the list of messages received. 25

Messages 26 Unread messages are in bold. Meaning of the symbols at the top of the screen This symbol indicates a text message that has been written. If this symbol is flashing, it means that the message has not been sent. This symbol indicates a message that has been received. If this symbol is flashing, it means that the message has not yet been read. This symbol indicates a message which is incomplete or in the process of being received. This symbol indicates that the message is corrupted: it consists of several fragments, some of which have been lost. Meaning of the symbols in front of each message Call group icons Animated screen savers Text messages Melodies Text messages which include objects Actions possible for a message received Select a message. By pressing the lefthand key , you can read a text message, view it, listen to it or extract the objects it contains.

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