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Functions at a glance

Functions at a glance Switch on Press . Call Dial the number then press . Answer Press . Hang up Press . Switch off Press (long press). Hands-free To communicate, press . Lock and unlock the keyboard from the standby screen Press ∗ then OK. Redial last number Press twice. Make a call from a number stored in the directory By name: enter the first letter of the name, press , scroll down the list to find your correspondent, then press to call. By location in the directory: enter the location number then press ∗ to call. 3

Menus at a glance Enter using or Navigate using and Validate using OK Quit or return to the previous menu using C According to the model of your phone, to the configuration of the networks and associated subscriptions, certain functions may not be available (indicated by *). Depending on the model, the phone menus will appear as listed below: Services Directory Directory menu Sort by location Create record Call groups Available memory Personal numbers Quit Text messages Write new... Call services Call forwarding View last numbers Duration and cost of calls (*) GPRS counters Display numbers Double call Automatic redial Voice mail number Local information (*) 4 Ringing and beeps Volume and choice of music Call groups Personalised ringing tone Vibrate Silent mode Beeps Controls Customization Select language Automatic response Network selection Setting time/date Display contrast Currency converter Security Keyboard locking PIN number PIN number 2 (*) Phone code Confidentiality messages Operator password (*) Limit incoming calls (*) Limit outgoing calls (*) Pre-set directory (*) Costs (*) Accessories Calculator Alarm Timer Car kit (*) Data parameters Games

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