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WAP Exit from the WAP

WAP Exit from the WAP function To exit from the browser and end the current communication (if necessary): - press or - from the local menu, select Quit and validate by pressing OK. Icons The q icon enables you, by pressing the central key @, to access two display modification possibilities: - the zoom to change the size of characters by pressing on the lefthand key succesively, - full screen display by pressing on the righthand key . GPRS A flashing display indicates that connection is being made with the GPRS network (the phone is in the process of connecting with the network). A fixed display indicates that the phone is connected to the GPRS network. This icon is not displayed if GPRS is not available on the network or if the SIM card inserted in the phone doesn’t support the GPRS service. It can also disappear during access to WAP services if the connection uses the GSM system instead of the GPRS. 65

ames Games 66 Depending on the model, several games are available. The presentation menu guides you on how best to use them.

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