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Activating your

Activating your telephone Installing the SIM card and installing the battery 1 3 5 6 2 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 The SIM card is inserted under the telephone's battery. Ensure that the telephone is switched off and the charger disconnected. Turn telephone over and push lock button upwards. Remove rear cover by lifting bottom end first. Take out battery if already installed. Slide card fully under retaining plate with gold-plated contacts facing telephone and bevelled corner pointing as shown on drawing on telephone. Insert battery into position by first positioning top section with connectors. Replace cover by engaging top hook first, then push down back of rear cover and push button back into locked position. 11

Using your telephone 12 Don't obstruct the antenna with your fingers Increase the efficiency of your phone The antenna is embedded in your telephone, under the back cover at the top. Avoid putting your fingers on this area when the telephone is switched ON. If your fingers obstruct the antenna, the telephone may have to operate with a higher power level than usual; decreasing its efficiency quickly. It could also affect the quality of your communications. -Don't press the keys when not necessary: each keypress activates the backlight, and uses much power; - Don't activate too often the screensaver: a starting time every 200s or less will require much processing power; - Don't obstruct the antenna with your fingers.

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