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Phonebook Phonebook menu Phonebook Copy to sim Modify contact Delete Back OK Phonebook Prefered Postcard Last name First name Number1 Back OK The phonebook menu allows you to create new contacts, to create call groups and to check the memory available to store new contacts. Modify contact Modify contact. Enter. Using the down6key. If the contact stored on the Sim or the telephone is not vCard standard you can modify the name, number and call group if required, and Accept. If your phone is vCard standard and the contact is stored in memory, you can modify the first name, last name, number 1, number 2, number 3, email, call group, company, comment, photo, preferred numbers (voice, SMS, MMS) if required, and Accept. Copy to SIM / Copy to phone This allows you to copy your phonebook entries from one memory to the other. Only the name, first phone number and the call group will be copied. Select Copy to SIM or Copy to phone. Enter. Delete Select Delete. Enter. Confirm deletion of entry with Yes. Call Select Call.Press the right programmable key 4 to start the call. You can also select the party to be called from the phonebook, and press the Start2key to make the call. 17

Phonebook 18 Phonebook menu Phonebook Copy to sim Send Message Modify contact Delete Back OK Phonebook Available memory Back 95,1 % Send message Select Send message. Accept. Text editor opens automatically. In the Phonebook screen, press the right programmable key 4 to enter the menu. Press the up5key to position the cursor on the Phonebook menu and accept. Choose from the options offered (add contact,call group,memory, my numbers). Call groups (See page 19) Memory Select memory and accept. The screen displays the locations used on the SIM Card and in the telephone itself ; if the telephone is vCard, the screen displays the amount of memory used. My numbers You can create the entries corresponding to your own numbers in order to consult them when necessary. Select My numbers and accept. Enter the different details and accept.

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