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Messages Drafts Messages Drafts Back Select Sending options Messages Options Back Select When you store a composed message, it is stored among the drafts. From the Messages menu choose the Drafts menu and Select. Select a message and press the right programmable key 4. If you do not delete this message, it will remain as a draft and can be re-used even if you have already sent it. Choose from the proposed options (Read, Send, Delete, Delete all, Modify). Several sending options are offered. From the Messages menu choose Options and Select. Choose from the proposed options (SMS or MMS). The proposed SMS send options are: acknowledgement, reply given, period of validity (life cycle of message on network before being routed), message format, message centre and save msgs sent. 29

Messages MMS settings MMS server Save msgs sent Retrieval mode Default priority Back Select 30 Outbox Messages Outbox Back Select The proposed MMS options are: save message sent: (it is highly recommended that you keep this function deactivated, in order to avoid a full memory), retrieval mode (automatic or manual): if you are or in a poor coverage area it may be more convenient to choose the manual retrieval mode which gives you the retrieve later option. this icon blinking on the top of the idle screen means that a message is arriving default priority: high or low MMS reject: if you want to deactivate the reception of any MMS in your phone. MMS server: to select another MMS provider, or set the parameters of a new MMS provider. The Outbox is used to store all your sent and waiting messages. If too many messages are saved, the telephone memory will soon become full and no further messages will be received. From the Messages menu choose the Outbox menu and Select. Each message contains information on type of message (in the form of an icon) and time (or date) of sending. Select a message and press the right programmable key 4. Choose from the proposed options (View, Details, Modify, Read, Send, Forward, Delete, delete all, Delete sent).

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