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Settings Languages

Settings Languages Settings Languages Back Select Networks Settings Networks Back Select This menu allows you to choose your telephone's display language. From the Settings menu select the Languages menu and Select. Select the language of your choice and accept. If you select Automatic, the display language will be the language of your SIM card. This menu allows you to configure network preferences. From the Settings menu select the Networks menu and Select. Choose Preferred to view all the pre-registered networks. Choose Selection to activate (automatically or manually) one of the networks accessible in the area in which your are located. Choose GPRS to select the way you want to be attached on the GPRS network: always, or only when needed (when launching a data connection). 43

Settings 44 Contrast Settings Contrast Back Select Energy saving Settings Energy saving Back Select This menu is used to adjust screen contrast. From the Settings menu select the Contrast menu and Select. A test screen allows you to adjust the contrast by means of the down / up65 keys and enter. This function is used to deactivate the screen backlight. From the Settings menu select the Energy saving menu and Select. Activate or deactivate the backlight and accept. By deactivating the screen backlight you increase the battery life of your telephone. Attention: display legibility is reduced.

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