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Settings Shortcuts

Settings Shortcuts Settings Shortcuts Back Select Reset Settings Settings RES Back Select This menu allows you to allocate functions to the programmable keys. From the Settings menu select the Shortcuts menu and Select. Select the key that you wish to modify and accept. Choose the function that you want to allocate to this key and accept. This menu allows you to reset all your telephone's settings. From the Settings menu select the RES menu (Reset) and Select. Attention: you are about to lose all the downloaded objects and all the settings made on your telephone since you bought it. A validation screen allows you to confirm this choice. The telephone switches off and resets automatically when powered up to take account of the change of settings. 45

Calls 46 Forward calls Calls Calls Forwarded Back Select The Calls menu allows you to manage and consult all your telephone's incoming and outgoing calls that are marked as follows: Incoming call Outgoing call This menu allows you to transfer calls addressed to you. Depending on your subscription, this service allows you to re-direct incoming calls to a different number or answer phonebox. From the Calls menu select the Calls Forwarded menu and Select. Choose the type of forwarding you want from the options available.

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