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Calls Call waiting Calls Automatic redial Calls Call waiting Back Select Auto. redial Back Select During a call you may be informed that a caller is trying to reach you: you hear a special tone.The caller's number is displayed on the screen (or the caller's store if it has been stored). (Operator-dependent service) From the Calls menu select the Call waiting menu and Select. You can activate, deactivate, or consult the status of the call waiting service in order to check if it is active or not. During a call, if a second caller tries to contact you, the screen displays the call warning. This menu allows you to call back a caller who has not managed to reach you. From the Calls menu select the Automatic redial menu and Select. You can set the redial function to inactive, on demand or systematic. If you choose On demand, your telephone will offer to redial your caller automatically if his number is busy. 49

Calls 50 Answer phone number Calls Voicemail Back Select This function is used to programme your answer phone number. This number will be used during a call to the voice mailbox using the programmable keys. From the Calls menu select the Answer phone number menu and Select. Enter your answer phone number and accept.

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