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Accessories Calculator

Accessories Calculator Accessories Calculator Back Select This menu allows you to access the various accessories offered by your telephone: calculator, converter, alarm, timer, car kit, data parameters. This menu allows you to use your telephone as a calculator. From the Accessories menu, select the Calculator menu and Select. You can use the calculator with the help of the following keys: 5Up key: Add 6Down key: Subtract 8Right key: Multiply 7Left key: Divide 4 Right programmable key: Equals 3 Left programmable key: Delete 09 * key or #: Decimal point. If no calculations are being run, the Right programmable key 4 allows you to use the value in the converter directly. 55

Accessories 56 Converter Accessories Converter Back Select This menu allows you to convert one currency to another . From the Accessories menu, select the Converter menu and Select. Enter a value and press the Up key5to convert from one currency to another, or the Down key6to convert back. The right programmable key 4 allows you to use the following options: Rapid exchange If you check the Rapid exchange box, the converter will work in the home page by entering the desired numbers and pressing the up / down65keys to make the conversion. Exchange rate Enter the rate of exchange corresponding to the chosen currencies. Currencies Enter the two types of currencies to be converted. Go to calculator This option allows you to use immediately the value converted in the calculator.

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