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MY 3078 MY 3088 -

MY 3078 MY 3088 -

Display The high

Display The high definition graphics screen enables you to read messages easily. Various icons inform you about the status of functions. Battery charge indicator (black if charged, clear if discharged) Received signal strength indicator (maximum strength: 5 bars) ; the R letter indicates if the network found does not correspond to the subscription If flashes, the phone is searching for a network Call in progress Permanent call forwarding Silent mode Hands-free kit 9 Receipt of SMS and presence of SMS not read; Flashing: SMS memory full. Voice messages present. The three keys located under the screen are allocated to actions described at the bottom of the screen just above the key, each time it is necessary. For example: Validate Pressing validates the current function. 1. Presentation of the phone

Use of the connectors on the MY 3078 / MY 3088 To charge your MY 3078 / MY 3088, connect the charger in the right hole (see description below): 4 7 * 8 0 1. Presentation of the phone # Charger 10 To use the hands free kit with your MY 3078 / MY 3088, connect the audio jack in the left hole (see description below): 4 7 * 8 0 9 # Hands free kit

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