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MY 3078 MY 3088 -

MY 3078 MY 3088 -

3.2 Receiving a call

3.2 Receiving a call When you receive a call: Press then speak. or Open flip when in Active flip (default) mode. The caller’s number is displayed when it is presented to the network. All incoming and outgoing call numbers are registered in the list of the last calls. 3.3 Volume control Increase or decrease the volume during a conversation by pressing the or keys. 3.4 Ending a call Press . or Close flip when in Active flip (default) mode. The end of call message appears on the screen. 17 3. Initial communication

4. Menu list According to the model of your phone, to the configuration of the networks and associated subscriptions, certain functions may not be available (indicated by *). 4. Menus 18 Services Access to specific services offered by the operator Directory Directory menu 21 Sort by location Create record Call groups Available memory Modify Delete Send message Call Personal numbers Scroll through the names entered 24 Text messages Access to the SMS 26

2. Getting started -
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