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Philips HFC111 UK Manual -

Philips HFC111 UK Manual -


Service code Function 45 Service code is used to delete some or all of your changes to the factory settings. This function enables you to partially or fully reconfigure your machine. It is especially helpful if you have modified settings but find that your fax machine does not respond as expected. Only use this function when absolutely necessary. If you are satisfied with the factory settings you should not use this function. The following codes are available to you: Code No. 7117 This code erases all your modifications to the factory settings. The fax machine will therefore react in exactly the same way as on first installation. Code No. 7140 When you enter this code, all your entered settings and data will be erased, except for: Example for using a service code: OK 1 4 FUNCTION 7 2 3 5 6 8 9 0 ∗ # OK FUNCTION 1 4 7 2 3 5 6 8 9 0 ∗ # OK FUNCTION OK FUNCTION Select function 45. Press the OK key. Enter a code. Press the OK key. stored short dial numbers stored telephone book numbers your name your telephone number With CURSOR LEFT/CURSOR RIGHT you can select whether you really want to delete your settings. Confirm with OK. Your fax machine will be reset to its original configuration. After deleting some or all of your custom settings please return on Easy Install. – 28 – 45 service code CODE: _ code: 7140 sure: no sure: yes 15-MAY-99 12:30

A BC 8 Appendix Technical specification Compatibility ITU Group 3 Type of connection outside line (PSTN) / extension (PABX) Flashtimes outside line: 100 ms extension (PABX): 100 ms Size of document Width: 148–217 mm Length: 105–600 mm Thickness: 0.05–0.15 mm Maximum scanning width 216 mm ± 1 mm Resolution horizontal: 8 points/mm (200 dpi) vertical: standard 3.85 lines/mm FINE 7.7 lines/mm Photo mode 16 grey tones Contrast control automatic Copying fine and photo resolution Data compression MH, MR Modulation V29bis, V27ter, V21 Transmission speeds 9600/7200/4800/2400 bps Sound power level stand by mode:

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