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BT On-Air 1100 Classic -

BT On-Air 1100 Classic -

Wall mounting 1 Push the

Wall mounting 1 Push the base-mount forward onto the rear of the base. 2 Once slotted into the rear of the base, slide upwards to lock into position. If wall mounting your BT On-Air 1100 Classic, use this guide for position. • Make sure that you are not drilling into any hidden wiring and check that the power cable will reach from the mains socket to the charger. Switch the power adaptor off at the mains and remove the adaptor plug from its socket. • Drill two holes 25mm deep using a 3mm drill, 122mm apart to take the wall plugs. • Put wall plugs into the drill holes and then insert both screws. Leave 2-3mm between the head of the screw and the wall. You are now able to mount the base to the wall. • Fit the base onto the two screws. If necessary, tighten or loosen the screws for the best fit. • Put the handset back in the base and switch the power back on at the wall socket. WALL 122 mm WALL PLUG SCREW 122mm 20

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