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Telephoning 7(/(3+21,1* Although it features advanced functions, your machine is also a telephone set providing a whole range of user-friendly functions. & + Pick up the handset. + Dial your party’s number. & You can also dial the number before picking up the handset. In that case, you can correct any dialling error by means of the C key. ❑ You can use the and keys to adjust the volume (2 levels available). & /RXGVSHDNHU OLVWHQLQJ + Dial your party's number. This is displayed on the screen. + Pick up the handset, the machine dials automatically. + When your party answers, press the key to activate loudspeaker listening. + You can use the and keys to adjust the volume. + Press the key again to de-activate loudspeaker listening. +DQGV IUHH PRGH 7$' 0RGHOV + Dial your party's number. + Press the key: the machine dials automatically. + You can use the and keys to adjust the volume.. ❑ At any time, you can pick up the handset and continue the call (in which case the speaker and microphone are automatically disabled). & Your machine can store phone numbers in a directory. To know the applicable procedure, please refer to the section entitled DIRECTORY (MENU 1). 5 + Press the (REDIAL) key. + Select the required number using the and keys . + To call the number displayed press the key or pick up your handset. ❑ At any time, you can delete the REDIAL number by pressing the C, (REDIAL) and OK keys. 9 Introduction Telephoning Directory Settings Fax TAD Printing Doc control Advanced functions Options Appendix 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

10 $ Telephoning When someone calls you, your phone rings. Pick up your handset (or press the key for the TAD and Hands-free models) and speak. To end the call, hang up the handset (or press the key). ) Ten seconds after dialling, a counter displays the approximate duration of the call. $ During the call, press the key. This will activate the loudspeaker, enabling another person to listen to the conversation. 6 7$' 0 + Hold down the key. + Hang up the handset. + Release the key. Conversation then goes on in the hands-free mode. $ During a call, if you want your party not to hear you for a while, press the your conversation. key. Press that key again to resume 5 During a handset call, you can record the conversation. + Press the M and keys: recording starts. + To stop recording, press . + To listen to the recording, press . + To delete the recording, press M, 4, 4 and OK. 5 To reroute a call to another set (connected to the same telephone line): + Press the M and key. + Hang up the handset. + Go to the other set, pick up and continue the call. ❑ You should hang up the handset within 4 seconds. You have about 25 ìseconds to pick up the other handset. 6 If you pick up a secondary handset or take the line from a cordless phone and you cannot hear anyone speaking, you can switch your machine remotely to fax reception mode by typing # then 7.

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