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Fax (Menu 3) ' 6 + Press the key. + Press the key again to confirm you want to stop the current transmission. 3 7R FDOO \RXU SDUW\ You can call your party just after sending or receiving a fax. To do so, while the document is being transmitted (send or receive mode), you should: + Press the key while your fax machine displays TRANSMIS or RECEPTION. Your fax machine then displays PHONE: once the fax has been transmitted, your party’s phone rings, if its machine is compatible, if he answers, your machine starts ringing: pick up the handset and speak.

5 24 Fax (Menu 3) When a document has been polled on a remote fax, you can perform an "active polling" on it (i.e. print it out on your own fax machine), only if there is no document in your feeder. + PRESS M, 3, 2, OK + Dial the number of the fax machine containing the polled fax and press the OK key. + Press the key for immediate active polling. or + Press twice OK for delayed active polling: Enter the time required for active polling, and press the key to confirm.

Jan. 7-20 . 2012 qnotes