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' 0 ÃÃÃ ÃÃÃÃ ÃÃÃÃÃ ÃÃÃÃÃ ÃÃÃÃÃÃ $ 0 ÃÃÃÃÃ Ã ÃÃÃÃÃ 2 $ ÃÃ ÃÃÃÃ This unit has been designed in accordande with European standards I-CTR37 and CTR21, it is designed for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In case of any problems, first contact your Supplier. The CE mark attests that the products complies with the essential requirements of Directive R&TTE 1999/5/EC, for user safety, in accordance with Directives 73/23/EC for electromagnetic interference, in accordance with Directive 89/336/EC. And that it makes efficient use of the radio spectrum allocated to terrestrial communications. The manufacturer declares that the products are manufactured in accordance with ANNEX II of Directive R&TTE 1999/5/EC.

efore powering on your unit, make sure the mains outlet it is connected to eets the requirements printed on the warning label on your unit (Voltage, urrent, Frequency of power network), or on the separate power supply depending on the model). If your unit works with a separate Power Supply, se only the one delivered with your unit; never use another power supply. he unit’s mains plug is the only way to disconnect the unit from the power etwork. Therefore you must respect the following: Your unit must be connected to a mains outlet located nearby. The mains outlet must remain easily accessible. our unit is delivered with a power cord including a plug which, depending n the model, may be: without earth (the symbol on the warning label) with earth (no symbol on the warning label). t is imperative that a power plug with an earth be connected to a wall outlet ith an earth. n Europe, this unit includes the stamp, following the 73/23/CEE, 89/ 36/CEE and 93/68/CEE directives. !

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