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6-18 Maintenance

6-18 Maintenance Code 46 - Trans. server disconnected The SMTP server for sending mail is disconnected. The service is temporarily unavailable; try again later. Code 47 - Reception server disconnected The POP3 server for mail reception is disconnected. The service is temporarily unavailable; try again later. Code 48 - Disconnection from Internet The service is temporarily unavailable; try again later. Code 49 - Cannot connect to Internet Check the call number and eventually the associated prefix of the machine. To check the Internet parameters, print them by pressing in turn the keys MENU, 9, 4, 5 and OK. (UURU PHVVDJHV 35,17(5 ,1&,'(176 If the colour printer has one of the problems described below, the signal "On" flashes red, and you can’t use your fax temporarily. The corresponding message is displayed on the screen. 0HVVDJH $FWLRQ REPLACE BLACK TONER INSERT GAUGE CARD REPLACE DRUM INSERT GAUGE CARD Replace the toner cartridge. To proceed, refer to paragraph Replacing cartridges, page 6-2. Replace the drum cartridge. To proceed, refer to paragraph Replacing cartridges, page 6-2. CLOSE UPPER COVER Close the upper cover of the printer. NO PRINTER PAPER EMPTY PAPER JAM INSIDE PAPER JAM EXTERNAL TRAY Check the printer to scanner connection. (refer to paragraph Printer connection, page 1-12). Install the paper tray. Fill in the tray with the required format paper. Open the tray. Remove the jammed sheet. Open the cover. Remove the sheet jammed in printing.

Maintenance 0HVVDJH $FWLRQ PAPER JAM INTERNAL TRAY CHECK PRINTER:XX 3ULQWHU SDSHU MDP Open the cover. Remove the sheet jammed between the tray and the heater. Disconnect the terminal and plug it back again. If the problem persists, contact your supplier. CHECK PAPER Check paper size (A4/Letter...) Inside the printer + Follow the procedure below in order to remove paper jammed in the printer. Caution - The fusing unit inside the printer can become very hot during operation. Do not touch the area to avoid injury. + Fold open the tray on the top cover. + Press the top cover release button and open the top cover. + Remove the toner cartridge and the drum cartridge. + Clear the paper misfeed using one of the following procedures depending upon the location of the paper misfeed. In the vicinity of the drum cartridge In the fixing unit Pull out the sheet of paper carefully. Remove the sheet of paper by pulling it out below the fixing unit. 6-19 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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