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Between the drum

Between the drum cartridge and the fusing unit Remark : Do not touch the image transfer roller (black roller at the bottom of the printer). 6-20 Maintenance + Reinstall the drum cartridge and the toner cartridge (refer to paragraph Replacing cartridges, page 6-2). + Close the top cover and press it down gently but firmly until it locks into place. Outside of the printer + In the vicinity of the tray for the paper feed + In the vicinity of the tray for the manual sheet feed 1 2 1) Free the end of the page. 2) Remove the sheet of paper by pulling it out below the fixing unit.

Maintenance + In the vicinity of the paper cassette + In the vicinity of the cassette and the paper compartment (option) 6&$11(5 ,1&,'(176 6KHHW IHHG VFDQQHU SDSHU MDP When a paper jam occurs, the following message appears on the control panel screen REMOVE DOCUMENT. If jams often occur in a specific part of the unit, the latter needs to be checked, cleaned or repaired. + Open the scanning cover of the sheet-feed scanner by pressing key (A). 6-21 A Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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