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1-8 Installation Caution

1-8 Installation Caution - The manual paper feed only permits you to insert one page at a time. Please insert only one sheet between the paper guides. Remark : If the paper output is to take place via the front document tray, set the selector switch to the top position (a). If the paper output is to take place at the back of the printer, e.g. if you want to print documents of larger size, set the switch to the bottom position (b). + Make sure that the switch is always set to position (a). ,167$//,1* 237,216 This section describes the optional items that are available for the printer. 6HFRQG SDSHU FDVVHWWH XQLW a The second paper cassette unit comes equipped with a cassette that can hold up to 500 sheets of A4 size paper called tray 2. b

Installation ,QVWDOOLQJ WKH VHFRQG SDSHU FDVVHWWH XQLW Remove the second paper cassette unit and tray 2 from their packaging. Remove the plastic packaging and all transportation guards. 1-9 Place the printer on top of the base unit. Make sure to align the coupling pins of the base unit with the holes located underneath the printer. Remove the cover from tray 2. Press down on the paper lifting plate located inside of tray 2 until it locks. Place a stack of up to 500 sheets of paper into tray 2. Replace the cassette cover and insert tray 2 into the second paper cassette unit. Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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