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1-10 Installation Remark

1-10 Installation Remark : Be sure to use both hands whenever tray 2 is removed from or inserted into the second paper cassette unit. 6&$11(5 813$&,1* 7+( 6&$11(5 Check the presence of the following items: Scanner Outlet tray for out going document Mainpower cord Printer connection cord 6HWWLQJ WKH GHWDFKDEOH LWHPV 6&$11(5 ,167$//$7,21 ,QVWDOODWLRQ RI WKH RXWOHW WUD\ IRU RXWJRLQJ GRFXPHQW Printer main power connection cord Telephone line cord Plug'n'Print card for the setting up of the fax (microchip card) + Set the outlet tray on the left-hand side of the fax machine by engaging the two pins in their respective holes.

Installation 8QORFNLQJ WKH VFDQQHU RQO\ IRU WKH PRGHO 606 Before you turn on the device the flat-bed scanner must be unlocked. The locking/unlocking mechanism is to be found under the scanner unit on the left: + Raise the scanner unit a little. + Pull out the unlocking flap, see illustration A. A B Remark : If it is necessary to transport the scanner unit it is recommended to lock the flat-bed scanner in the "Park" position. Switch the scanner unit off and then switch it on again using the main power switch at the back of the device. Then push back the unlock ing flap, see illustration B. Switch the device off and pack it up. 1-11 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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