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0RYLQJ ZLWKLQ WKH PHQXV 0RYLQJ ZLWKLQ D GDWD HQWU\ ILHOG 2-2 Quick usage 7R 8VH NH\ 6\PERO Enter the main menu. MENU Select the next line in the menu. 6 Select the previous line in the menu. 5 Go to the following menu. OK OK Return to the previous menu. C C Confirm and exit from the current menu. Exit without confirming from the current menu. 7R 8VH NH\ 6\PERO Moving left or right. 3 4 Confirm your entry. OK OK Delete a character by moving the cursor to the left Ì

Quick usage Delete a character on the left of the cursor without moving the cursor. 7KH GLVSOD\ VFUHHQ 7R 8VH NH\ 6\PERO Confirm your entry and return to the initial screen. The screen has 4 lines of 20 characters. The cursor shows the line you selected. F---- FUNCTION 1 DIRECTORY 2 SETUP 3 FAX For menus with more than three choices, use the arrows 5 or 6 of the navigator to obtain the next (hidden) lines of the menu (4, 5, 6, etc.). $&&(66 72 )81&7,216 Access to functions may be achieved in two ways. Step by step function access. Direct function access, 6WHS E\ VWHS IXQFWLRQ DFFHVV You may print the function list (key i) to know the number of a function. The following example describes how to enter your name so that it prints out as a header on your fax (name of this function SETUP / YOUR NAME). + Press the MENU key, the functions list appears, move the cursor , with the 5 or 6 navigator arrows to place it in front of the line desired.. F---- FUNCTION 1 DIRECTORY 2 SETUP 3 FAX + Validate your choice by pressing OK. 2-3 C C Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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