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$XWRPDWLF FRQILJXUDWLRQ /2&$/ 1(7:25 6(77,1*6 3-10 Settings We recommend you to carry out a manual configuration of your Internet F@x machine. The automatic configuration of the local network settings may be considered if your local network features a DHCP or BOOTP server that can dynamically assign addresses to the peripheral devices present on the LAN. To automatically configure the local network settings MENU: 2631 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / CONFIGURATION + Choose AUTO and press OK to confirm. The Internet F@x scans the local network for a DHCP or BOOTP server that can assign it its settings dynamically (the message SS. is displayed). + Once the message SELF-CONF IN PROGR. has disappeared, check for the IP Address, Sub-network mask and Gateway address. If these are missing, you should carry out a manual configuration (see below). 0DQXDO FRQILJXUDWLRQ To configure you Internet F@x manually, you should obtain the usual information used to set a peripheral device (IP address, sub-network mask, network and gateway address). To configure the local network settings manually MENU: 2631 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / CONFIGURATION ,3 DGGUHVV + Choose MANUAL and press OK to confirm. MENU: 2632 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / IP ADDRESS + Enter the IP address of your Internet F@x and press OK to confirm. 6XE QHWZRUN PDVN MENU: 2633 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / SUBNET MASK + Enter the sub-network mask of your Internet F@x and press OK to confirm. 6XE QHWZRUN JDWHZD\ DGGUHVV MENU: 2634 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / GATEWAY + Enter the IP address of the newtork gateway and press OK to confirm. ,((( DGGUHVV RU 0$& (WKHUQHW DGGUHVV MENU: 2635 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / IEEE ADDRESS The Ethernet card of your Internet F@x already has an umodifiable, yet consultable, IEEE address.

Settings 1HWELRV QDPHV These names, which can be used with the network options, are used to identify your Internet F@x machine from a PC connected to a local network (for instance with the name "IMP-NETWORK-1" MENU: 2636 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / NETBIOS NAME 1 MENU: 2637 - SETUP / NETWORKS / LOCAL NETWORK / NETBIOS NAME 2 + Enter the selected name (15 characters max) and press OK to confirm. Remark : The name NETBIOS-2 is initialised at the start-up in "MF_" or . This is the IEEE address of the Internet F@x. 0$,/ 6(59,&( $1' 7+( ,17(51(7 Your F@x Internet lets you send and receive documents and E-mails from subscribers throughout the world via the Internet network. An E-mail is an electronic message sent by the Internet, to an E-mail address (which is a personal Internet mailbox). Access to the Internet is possible thanks to an Internet service provider (ISP). The provider puts at your disposal a server or computer system which allows you to connect to the Internet and your mailbox through your telephone line. In addition, the "F@x to Fax 1 " service lets you: save money when sending faxes through the Internet to any telecopy machine, convert at reception, unopenable E-mail attachments. Before worldwide transmission, you must: subscribe to an Internet service provider (ISP), check that all initialisation parameters correspond to those provided by your ISP, perform the proper settings, if needed, for the Internet connection. You may then connect yourself to the Internet via your ISP to send and receive fax-Internet or E-mails. Both operations will be performed during an Internet connection. ,1,7,$/,6$7,21 3$5$0(7(56 You must define or at least check all the parameters needed to identity yourself with the Internet Your ISP will provide you with these parameters as soon as you are registered with them. The parameters are divided into 3 categories: connection, allows you to identify dial up number, identifier and password (hidden on screen), E-mail address, allows you to identify your personal mailbox, password and E-mail address, 1. This service is available by a specific "F@x to Fax" registration. 3-11 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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