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$FFHVV WR WUDQVPLVVLRQ W\SH VHOHFWLRQ 3-14 Settings MENU: 942 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / TX TYPE + Select one of the options IMMEDIATE or DURING connections and press OK to confirm. $FFHVV WR WKH VHWWLQJV RI WKH UHWXUQ SDWK DGGUHVV MENU: 945 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / REPLY ADDRESS The applications use by default the E-mail address of the fax machine as the return path address when processing electronic messages. If a remote device wants to answer an E-mail which it has received from the fax machine, the address of the sending fax machine will be automatically pasted in the addressee field of the reply. If you want to enter another return path address (for example, the private address of the sender), you must define the respective address as follows: enter the E-mail address to which all replies are to be sent, confirm by pressing the OK key. Caution - This address is now valid as the new sender address for all fax messages sent via the Internet, irrespective of the service provider. If the device is used by more than one person, it is recommended to enter the E-mail address of the administrator who is responsible for the fax machine. If no special address is defined, the address entered in MENU 922 is valid as the sender address. $FFHVV WR SULQW WKH ,QWHUQHW VHWWLQJV 0DLO VRUWLQJ MENU: 946 - INTERNET / SETTINGS / PRINT The Internet settings are printed. These settings may also be printed with the machine’s other settings (refer to paragraph Printing the machine settings, page 5-16). This function lets you choose the treatment mode for all Internet documents stored in your mail box. You have three choices, F@X ONLY, lets you poll and print E-mails in your machine. PC ONLY, lets you keep your E-mails in your mailbox for later use with a computer (no E-mail poll), SHARE PC lets you: - if PC and fax have two different addresses, transfer all mail or only those with attachments to a PC, - if PC and fax share the same address, use the fax as a printer for E-mails for the PC. 0RGH 2QO\ )#[ MENU: 96 - INTERNET / SORT MESSAGES + Select option F@X ONLY press OK. All E-mails are polled and printed, including those with unopenable attachmenets and converted by F@x à Fax (if activated).

Settings 0RGH 2QO\ 3& 3-15 MENU: 96 - INTERNET / SORT MESSAGES + Select option PC ONLY press OK. The E-mails are neither polled nor printed and they may be used with a computer. At each connection, the number of E-mails in your mailbox is displayed on the screen. 0RGH 6KDUH 3& MENU: 96 - INTERNET / SORT MESSAGES + Select option SHARE PC, press OK. You may choose to transfer your E-mails to a PC or use the fax as an E-mail printer. To transfer the E-mails to a PC: + select option WHITH PC TRANS. and press OK, + enter the E-mail address of the computer you wish to transfer your E-mails press OK, + select your option from the table below and press OK. To use the fax as an E-mail printer: + select option W/O PC TRANS. and press OK, + select your option from the table below and validate with OK. At each connection, the number of E-mails still present in your mailbox are displayed on the screen. )#[ΠWR )D[ 0HQX 'HVFULSWLRQ SEND ALL MAILS All E-mails are sent to the PC. UNUSABLE ATTACH. DELETE MAILS The fax machine collects the E-mails it can process and prints them; E-mails with attachments which the fax machine cannot process are redirected to the mailbox of the PC. 0HQX 'HVFULSWLRQ The E-mails opened and read by the fax (w/o attachment) are erased after fax print. SAVE MAILS The E-mails opened and read by the fax are not erased. You must subscribe to this service and it must be switched-on to allow you to: send, via the Internet, a document to an other fax (without "Internet" functions), convert the unopenable attachments of incoming E-mails. The subscription form for F@x to Fax is provided with your machine. After subcription, the operator will provide you with your access code. Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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