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6ZLWFK RQ VHUYLFH + Select your choice WITH and press OK, 3-16 Settings MENU: 97 - INTERNET / F@X TO FAX + Type the access code to this service F@x to Fax (4 digits) and press OK. + Type the prefix for international access (00 for example), and press OK. + Type the country code (44 for example) and press OK. + Type eventually the local prefix needed for faxes connected to a private auto switch (PABX) (refer to paragraph Local prefix, page 3-3). 6ZLWFK RII VHUYLFH + Select WITHOUT and press OK. 7UDQVPLVVLRQ YLD WKH )#[Œ WR )D[ VHUYLFH MENU: 97 - INTERNET / F@X TO FAX To transmit (via the Internet) a document to another fax (without "Internet" functions), just use your subscriber’s number and press @ to validate your transmission (instead of key ). ,17(51(7 &211(&7,21 An Internet connection is made with an ISP. It allows both document sending and reception while connected. A connection takes place the following way: send to one or more of yo ur subcriber’s Internet mailbox, all fax-Internet waiting for transmission. If your sending to a computer, the transmitted fax will be received as an attachment to an E-Mail. reception of all fax-Internet and E-Mails deposited in your personal Internet mailbox. You may connect either immediately or automatically depending on the time periods defined. The triggering of a programmed Internet connection depends on the standard settings of your machine. ,PPHGLDWH FRQQHFWLRQ WR WKH ,QWHUQHW There are two methods to immediately connect to the Internet: Access by the Menu, MENU: 93 - INTERNET / IMMED. ACCESS Direct access, + Press key @ twice.

Settings 3URJUDPPHG FRQQHFWLRQ An automatic connection to the Internet depends on how your machine is programmed and more particularly on the standard settings. (refer to paragraph Standard settings, page 3-13). '($&7,9$7( 7+( ,17(51(7 )81&7,21 If you do not wish to use the Internet functions: + Select NO ACCESS in the ISP list and validate with OK. 7+( 606 6(59,&( 3-17 MENU: 91 - INTERNET / PROVIDER Your terminal lets you send SMS’s all over the world. The SMS (Short Message Service) is used for communication with mobile phones. Caution - The SMS service is subject to special charges. The key on your terminal lets you send this type of short messages to a mobile phone. A short message should not exceed 160 characters. The SMS service is available depending on countries and operators. ',63/$< 2) 606 6(1'(5·6 ,' Your terminal automatically adds your name at the beginning of the SMS, as follows: " FROM: MR.SMITH " (MrSMITH is the name as saved in MENU 23) or " FROM: 013073000 " if no name has been saved. For further information, refer to chapter Your fax number, page 3-1 and Name, page 3-2. To define SMS sender display: MENU: 41 - SMS SERVICE / SENDER + Choose between WITH or WITHOUT sender display and press OK to confirm. Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

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