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,1,7,$/,6$7,21 3$5$0(7(56 As delivered, your machine is ready to use. You can check all initialisation parameters with: 6(1',1* $1 606 72 $ 02%,/( 3+21( To send an SMS to a mobile phone: + Press the key + Write your SMS by means of the Qwerty keypad To do so, you have a true editor at your disposal: 3-18 Settings MENU: 42 - SMS SERVICE / INIT. SMS for the upper case letters, use the Ö key or key to move inside the data entry field, use the 5 or 6 keys to move in the text from one word to another, press the CTRL key and one of the navigator keys to go to the next line, use the key to delete a character (by moving the cursor to the left), use the Ì or C key + Press to confirm your entry + Choose the recipient mobile phone number using one of these methods: dial the number by means of the numerical keypad enter the first letters of the recipient name press the key until the required name appears (names are classified in alphabetical order) press the key to display the required name. Th e screen displays the last person you have sent an SMS to, use the 5 or 6 keys to select a different number + Your SMS may be sent to only one person or to several people. To send an SMS: to only one person, press the key to confirm to several people: - press the key and enter the next person's name, - repeat the operations as many times as required (10 persons max.). Press the key to confirm. SENDING SMS is displayed as the SMS is being sent. Once SENDING SMS is no longer displayed, the SMS has been sent and the recipient phone number is saved ( key).

Settings If SMS appears, then the SMS has been put on hold and a further attempt will take place a couple of minutes later. To immediately execute or cancel transmission, refer to paragraph Transmission waiting queues, page 5-9. To check the SMS has been sent properly, you may print the transmission/reception log (MENU 52 - PRINT / LOGS, p. 2-6). To send an SMS to a mobile phone abroad, you should dial the mobile phone number in its international form, such as 49XXXXXXXXX, where 49 is the country code (here, Germany). For the record, here are a few country codes: France Germany UK Spain Italy 33 49 44 34 39 3-19 Safety Maintenance Operation Directory Settings Quick usage Installation Contents

2. Getting started -
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