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3-20 Settings

,5(&725< Your fax lets you create a directory by memorizing subscriber records and subscriber lists. Your machine can store up to 250 subscriber records with names and phone numbers. You may also group several names to build a subscriber list with up to 32 subscriber lists. A subscriber list is made from the subscriber records already stored. For all subscriber records or subscriber lists you may: create, consult, modify contents, delete, print the directory. You may save and if needed load your directory. To proceed, you need to contact your distributor and purchase the optional kit "Save". This gives you access to functions 161 and 162 (refer to paragraph Functions list, page 2-4). &5($7,1* 68%6&5,%(5 5(&25'6 For each subscriber record you are not required to fill in each line, only name, tel or E-Mail address are required: NAME of your subscriber, FAX NO, the fax number of your subscriber, E-MAIL address, example :, record NUMBER ASSIGNED, this number is automatically assigned by the fax, it allows quick access to the answering machine, RATE, for each subscriber you may choose your fax transmission speed. The available rates are 2400, 4800, 7200, 9600, 12000, 14400 and 33600 bits per second. With a good telephone connection, well adapted and without echo, the appropriate rate is the highest one, 4-1

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